Copy of Brand Vision

In a time of historical and social difficulty, we asked ourselves several questions thinking in what we wanted to convey through our brand. We have decided to stand up and embrace the commitment to improve the future of this planet and the people who inhabit it by combining it with our passion for accessories.
It is time for us to REACT.

All our products are designed with great attention to detail with intelligent durable functionality, timeless, interchangeable and seasonally independent design, which embodies the vision of the modern generation through uniqueness, madness and the care for the environment.
The knowledge of our artisans and the use of high quality leather lead to a durable, water-repellent, and scratch-resistant accessory. It is extremely easy to care for.
Our steps towards a better future.
Our collections are imagined and designed in our headquarter based in New York City. To reduce the production of samples, we use 3D models to get a first impression of the product that allowed us to make changes to it without producing too many samples.
Our vision continue with the introduction of a new plant-base leather. It consists in a cactus-based biomaterial that is obtained by harvesting the ripe leaves of a prickly pear and by extracting its proteins and fibers. This process create an organic bioresin which is then processed until the final result is reached.

This commitment does not end here. We are proud to announce that we are looking for an association that will be committed to the protection of our planet, and we will donate 5% of the revenue from our sales. It will be posted as soon as possible.
In addition we will use recycled cardboard boxes and paper-based adhesive tape with vegan glue for our packaging and shipping products.
No plastic on our watch.