Originally from Foligno and raised in Spoleto, Italy, Francesco since childhood has always been passionate in drawings, in art and fashion, and in creating paper outfits to interchange with naked figures.

Embarking on an academic path completely different from his passions and visions, Francesco first graduated as a Chef. Guided by the desire to fulfill his dreams, he landed in the world of fashion working in one of the coolest boutiques of the moment.
During this successful journey, Francesco took an extra step that changed his life in becoming a Designer. Unbeknown from everyone, Francesco participate in the entrance exam of one of the most renowned fashion universities in the world, the Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome, Italy. With an excellent score, and believing in himself more than anyone else he manages to graduate from the Academy.

Immediately after graduating, Francesco joins the team designer for the Cromia handbags brand, an Italian leather goods company known internationally for its work with prestigious names such as Gianni Versace, Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, Marc Jacobs.

The experience with Cromia boost his vision at 360°, with creations worn by celebrities such as Elena Cucci at the Venice film festival, Sara Lazzaro and Giulia de Lellis in several occasions. This will also lead Francesco to collaborate with designers such as Michele Chiocciolini, Amedeo Piccione and singer Syria. 

In 2019 the big change to the big apple. In New York City Francesco embarks on a new path, and in love with this immense city, filled with opportunities, more visions came to life until the creation of this brand.